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New concert: Beach party at 't Alibi at Maasmechelen 25th of March
Check all details on our >>concerts page<<. Limburg People, your chance to check us out!..
Long lost mixtapes recovered!..
The mixtapes which mysteriously disappeared 2 years ago, have been recovered. Our mixcrew is working very hard to finally finish the 2003 recordings and to get them ready for release.
Concert at the Kid, Ekeren: With GOGO Ginger!..
Ginger is back in Belgium so check her out again in café The Kid in Ekeren on saturdy 18th of Februari. A gig not to be missed!..
Another 2 concerts: Kuurne & Kalmthout
Yes, we were revently invited to do 2 more gigs: Kuurne on the 30th of September and Kalmthout 1th of December. We decided NOT to play at the wonderbar after we received pessimistic rumours about its future.
Finally another site update => NEW CONCERTS!..
Because of some difficulties with the change of service provider and because I had a lot on my mind lately, the site has not been updated these last few months. But good news: here is the first update of the future. The most important section was handled first of course: New concerts were added!..
Expect more in the near future cause WE'RE BACK ON THE ROAD!
Three new summer concerts added, One cancelled!
Yes, another 3 fantastic summer concerts were added to the concerts section. The concert at Loenhout (Beach Weekend) has unfortunately been cancelled just one week in advance, sorry for that guys!
Three new summer concerts added!
We finally found the time to update the website: 3 fantastic summer concerts were added to the concerts section. Check 'em all out!..
Concert Kapellen CANCELLED only 2 hour in advance!
To all the fans out there, we would like to apologize for the late notice cancellation of the concert last Friday. Actually the organizer informed us only 2 houres in advance. They would not give us a clear reason why, but apparently there had been an incident of some kind. Anyway, Sorry again. The concert will be moved to the last friday of january or february 2004. We'll keep you posted.
"Sputniks Thema" to be released on "Double Crown Records" compilation CD
We've been contacted by Double Crown Records, Bellingham, WA (USA): They will include our interpretation of "Sputniks Thema" on a limited edition compilation CD. Artwork will be done by Jeroen of The Apemen.
"Sad Moose" to be released on first "Boppin' Around" compilation CD
Our award winning track "Sad Moose" will be included on the first release ever by Boppin' Around Records, the new record label of the Holland based Rock & Roll magazine "Boppin' Around".
New pictures and preview track added
We've added some new pictures to the site of some recent concerts featuring our new GoGo chick "Ginger".
And yes, we still in progress for the full cd to be released later on this year. In the music section we've added the preview track "Hispanic", a spongies original, as a teaser. Check it out!..
Recordings continue in September because of new concerts!..
We were planning to get into the studio later on this month, but had to change plans because of the newly added concerts.
On the 26th of July we will play in the American Chevy Burger diner near Lille (Fr), Detail on the other concerts can be found here!..
We will do two gigs as replacement for the "almighty" O'haras. Their guitarist Dille got injured in a domestic fight: Get well again soon man!!
The Spongies still recording new CD
At the end of July we will be once more in the studio to finish the recordings for the new full CD. If all goes well, recordings should be finished at the end of August. More info when we have any..
The Spongies will play at Guerillaland festival on 12/07
Guerilla has asked us to open the summer street festival "Guerillaland" on Saterday 12th of July. We're more than pleased, because this will be the debut of our new GoGo girl Katrine. Come and check this out. Of course: all details at our concert page.
The Spongies are negotiating with record labels to release CD in 2003
We will probably be recording somewhere in May in order to get a full CD released later on this year. More details will be posted when we have more news for you.
The Spongies perform on "Wijnegem Zapt"
We've been asked to play at "Wijnegem Zapt" on wednesday 30th of April. More details will be posted in the concerts section. So keep an eye on it!..
We are looking for new GOGO GIRLS!..
Yes! We are looking for new GOGO GIRLS. We'd like to thank Miss Goedele for her performances with us on stage, but in the end she didn't find enough time to keep on track.
Are you a fabulous Dancing Queen? Maybe this is your Chance to prove it! We are looking for wild and exciting GOGO Girls with a lot of commitment.
TAKE THAT CHANCE: Call us now: +32 496 59 43 87 (ask for Dirk)
The Spongies play at "Belgian Roots Night V"
On friday 25th of April we will perform on the main stage in "HOF TER LO", Antwerp. Opener that evening is: Hètten Dès. Other confirmed bands: Jason Ringenberg & The Seatsniffers. More info on our concerts page
We are ready to go in 2003!.. More interaction with site visitors promised.
First of all our best wishes for 2003 to all of you (yes Swa, you too). The gigs in december were just amazing (especially in the Lintfabriek and at St-Jansplein). And now that alcohol levels have reached normal values, we are ready to hit the road again.
From now on we promise to post replies in the guestbook so it will get more alive. Furthermore we've updated the concert pages and the bio page. And very soon some more pictures and reviews will be added, so sit tight and check the site for more updates.
Another two gigs added!! We will play at MUSIC PLANET this weekend!..
This Sunday 15th of December we will be playing at "Music Planet" on the Stella Artois Stage (in the old Belle Vue brewry in Molenbeek) starting at 15.30h. And the 1st of March we will play in "CC De Bogaard" in St.-Truiden. Check out the concert page for all details (click here)!..
Two gigs added for 2003, first concert in Holland
Yep, on friday 17th of January we will be playing as support act for the Danish surf band "S.P.E.C.T.R.E." in the Azijnfabriek in Roermond (Hol). We will also be playing at the Beer Night in JH 't Job on Saturday 1st of Februari. More gigs to be confirmed soon!..
The Spongies play on "Tiki's Benifitos" in Lintfabriek on 21/12/2002
For some time now, thé Surf/Rockabily cafe Tiki's in Gierle, has had financial difficulties. The Lintfabriek in Kontich organises a benefitos festival on saterday 21th of December, starring: Hellsonics, Demon Teds, Hometowngamblers, Thee andrews surfers (surfing-members of fifty foot combo), Basementwankers and of course THE INCREDIBLE SUCKING SPONGIES, your hosts!.. Be There!.. (Doors:19.00h)
Website updated: video clip "Sad Moose" and pictures of recent gigs added
Finally the long awaited video clip of our award winning track "Sad Moose" has arrived. We would like to thank D. Peeters and F. Verbunt for their contribution. We also added some more snapshots of recent gigs. Click here to check it out!..
"Collega's Theme" declared Cult Hit on national radio station "Studio Brussels"
On Thursday 10th of october the program "De Bom" on national radio station "Studio Brussels" started of with our track "Collega's Theme". Amazing news! Even more amazing: Radio host "Lauwrence Kusters" declares it to be a cult hit!..
Fabulous concerts at Zeezicht and Fnac (forum session Demopoll): Thanks for amazing enthusiasm!..
A lot of people told us friday the show at Cafe Zeezicht was our best gig up to now!.. And of course there was the important show case at FNAC Antwerp (Groenplaats) with even more praising. If you want to get hold of the Demopoll sampler CD, just hurry to your local FNAC store, find a "rendez-vous" magazine, cut out the voucher on page three and go to the nearest reception for your free copy.
Our fellow surfers "The Moe Greene Specials" from Kalmthout are on the sampler as well. Actually, these guys are looking for a second trumpet player. Interested? Check for details on their website.
Phil Dirt (Reverb Central) rewards The Spongies' cd "Let there be Surf" with four stars **** !..
Yes, we sent a copy of our first record to the Amazing Phil Dirt and his review is just more then we ever expected. You can read the full review here. Or if you want to check it out on Phil's website, go to the "reverb central", click on the review link and voila!..
New address to contact The Spongies
Since the first of September we've got a new contact address. From now on all mail and orders should be sent to Dirk Van Rosendaal, Pyckestraat 13, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium.
The contact phone numbers remain unchanged!
Legendary Phil Dirt (KFJC "Surf's Up!") takes "The Collega's Theme" to the USA west coast!
Last night the "Reference" in surf music, Phil Dirt, started his weekly show with "Collega's Theme" of our CD "Let There be Surf!..". We taped the show, so you can experience the thrill too. Just click here to hear it yourself, or visit the music page.
This is actualy the third track of our debut recording Phil played. Three weeks ago the track "Humble Bee/ Baha-Ree-Bah" was broadcasted and last week our version of the classic "The Wedge" could be heard. We expect a full review of our cd by Phil at the beginning of next month on his website "reverb central", simply THE reference in surf music.
Last 2 gigs were succes: Debut GoGo Girl Lolita
The last two gigs were very special to us. With the debut of our GoGo girl Lolita the show reached another level. Enthusiasm everywhere!.. If you weren't there, go check it on the snapshots page (here!..).
Release Demopoll compilationCD!
To support the Demopoll CD release we be playing at the Antwerp FNAC store. Visit our FNAC forum session on Saturday 28th September 2002 at 14.30h. You can find all details at our concert page (here!..).
Spongies on Demopoll compilationCD!
In September our award winning track "Sad Moose" will be released on the Demopoll compilationcd (Studio Brussel) together with nine other bands. No need to say we are absolutely thrilled. Check out our bio or download the Press Kit.
More interaction with visitors!
In order to get some more interaction with the visitors of this site we've added a guestbook and the posibility to join our info mail list (click here or on the "guestbook" link).