"The Incredible Sucking Spongies", is a fine surf/instro combo, founded in 1997 on the exotic beach of Antwerp. Ex-members of the combo "Los Huertos" (Jan Dean on lead guitar, Phill B on bass and Dick RosenDale on drums) joined forces with Dick VdB (rhythm guitar).
Adventures in country & western, sixties classics, mysterious exotica, jazz and obscure TV tunes created a unique sound mix, all combined to an exciting Surf Cocktail with both spongies originals, bizarre interpretations and classic hits.
In 2002, the first professional recordings were made and won the Demopoll contest on national radio station Studio Brussel. The winning track "Sad Moose" was released in September '02 on the Demopoll promo cd.
Our promo cd "Let There be Surf!.." was rewarded with 4 stars by the legendary Phil Dirt (Reverb Central, Santa Cruz, CA, USA) THE reference in surf music!.. (Read the full review)
A new member joined the band: fresh GoGo Girl "Lolita Tequila"!.. Just experience the blasting "spongies" live shows with its notorious on stage dance act!..
Let There Be Surf!..