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Phil Dirt's review
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This is Belgium's Incredible Sucking Spongies first demo. About half well chosen covers, the set is spunky and quite cool. 8 surfable instrumentals and one lone vocal titled "Spongies Theme pt. II."

Picks: The Wedge, Call Guys, Humble Bee / Baha-Ree-Bah, Wild Goose, Sad Moose, Sputniks Thema, Colega's Theme, A Night In Tunisia

"The Wedge" 3 stars
Dick Dale and his Del-tones' incredible "The Wedge" is one of the signature tunes from the soundtrack to the surf instrumental world. The Incredible Sucking Spongies play it with gusto and verve.
Great drums, not unlike Hal Blaine's on the original studio session, combined with slightly less firebrand power and a splendid original break.
- Surf Instrumental Stereo -

"Call Guys" 4 stars
A gentle almost ska rhythm guitar rings behind a gentle Euro melody line in the first verse of "Call Guys." Then, with sped up power and flair, the Incredible Sucking Spongies launch into a more surfable interpretation of this original. Very cool track.
- Euro Surf Instrumental Stereo -

"Humble Bee / Baha-Ree-Bah" 3 stars
As the title predicts, this is a two-song medley with the Trademarks' incredible "Baha Ree Bah" serving as a break in the Ventures' "Bumble Bee." Both are nicely done.
- Surf Instrumental Stereo -

"Wild Goose" 4 stars
This is the Paul Johnson arrangement of Frankie Laine's classic "Wild Goose," which Paul originally cut with the PJ and the Galaxies and later revived with the Packards. Fast, furious, drum powered, and way fun.
- Surf Instrumental Stereo -

"Sad Moose" 4 stars
This original composition is double picked and splashy with Euro overtones and lost of sparkle. Upbeat, hinting of "Baha Ree Bah" at times, and very infectious.
- Surf Instrumental Stereo -

"Sputniks Thema" 4 stars
Die Sputniks' "Sputniks Thema" is speedily pumped and shined, with grodie bass and rolling drums, and near liquid guitar. A fine cover.
- Surf Instrumental Stereo -

"Colega's Theme" 3 stars
Double picked like an eastern European folk song, "Colega's Theme" prances with anticipation as the drums race. This is a very pleasant and spunky track.
- Surf Instrumental Stereo -

"A Night In Tunisia" 3 stars
This is essentially the Laika and the Cosmonauts arrangement of Dizzie Gillespie's "A Night In Tunisia." Nicely done.
- Surf Instrumental Stereo -

"Untitled" 4 stars (this is the hidden track "Jipiee")
Fast and bouncy, surfable and very adventurous, this is a splendid track with a simple great idea that's way too infectious! Fast drums, circular damped and open guitar lines, and a lot of spunk. This track is out at the end of track 9 with no credits.
- Surf Instrumental Stereo -